Spin & Slice Phuket

If you are looking to play tennis and train in a more exotic venue, pack your bags and your racquets and come experience tennis in a tropical paradise! Spin & Slice Phuket is situated in the incredibly beautiful atmosphere of the Thanyapura Sports & Lesiure Club, one of Asia’s top sports and training resorts. Thanyapura is home to many elite level athletes and tri-athletes who train in the state of the art facilities of the club. You can find out more about this tranquil resort at http://www.thanyapura.com

Although still relatively new to Thanyapura, Spin & Slice has already made a name in this top Sports Club and Resort of Southeast Asia. The team at Spin & Slice regularly hosts tournaments, tennis camps for both kids and adults, holiday tennis packages, and continual private and group lessons year-round. In addition to tennis and on-court training, Spin & Slice also offers social events for its students, along with the staff, as well as other members and guests of the Thanyapura community.

Regardless of whether you are new to the sport, have been playing tennis for years, or an advanced player looking for some competition, Spin & Slice Phuket at Thanyapura is well-equipped and offers a vast variety of tennis lessons and programs that will meet your needs. The professional and friendly atmosphere created by our coaches and facilities will allow you to experience tennis at its finest, whether it be in a private or group and/or fun or competitive setting.


Our Phuket campus at the Thanyapura Sports Club has 4 indoor courts and 2 outdoor plexicushion courts. In addition to tennis courts, Thanyapura also has a world class gym, football field, 400m track, 25 meter swimming pool and an Olympic-sized swimming pool, where many international athletes train. The club also has a health conscious restaurant and a Booster Bar that was designed by tennis player Maria Sharapova herself. All guests are provided with towels and access to a sports locker and showers, complimentary of the club.

While your child or family is busy enhancing their tennis game on court, you may enjoy the additional perks and programs offered at this high-class facility, such as sipping on a smoothie from the Booster Bar that overlooks the Olympic-sized outdoor pool, or taking a Muay Thai kickboxing class. If you wish to take advantage of the unique opportunity to watch or film your friends atop the grand stand overlooking the courts, be sure to use the facility-wide free Wi-Fi to post pictures and videos.

Spin & Slice students enjoy complete access to the healthy and luxurious lifestyle that Thanyapura has to offer.


If you wish to improve the physical aspects of your game with a focus on fitness, the coaches at Spin & Slice Phuket can provide you with the right program and help you create a training session with those specific goals in mind. The coaches are not only qualified professionals in coaching tennis, but are also well-versed in health and fitness and are capable of developing fitness programs that complement the growth of your tennis game. With various degrees in Sports Science and Kinesiology, the coaches have the knowledge and ability to create tennis-specific fitness programs that build solid technique, clean footwork, speed and agility, among other essential aspects to advance your game on court.

In addition to tennis programs and tennis specific fitness, Thanyapura Sports Club also offers a wide variety of other fitness classes, such as Crossfit, Yoga, Muay Thai boxing, Spin classes, and much more.